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Delivering Seamless WooCommerce to QuickBooks

Ingeniously Streamlined. Deceptively Simple. Finally, an elegant plugin for eCommerce account management.

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Reliable Accounting Solutions

Order Sync

Our reliable WooCommerce to QuickBooks integration makes the industry’s best accounting software even better. With automatic order syncing, InfinitySync facilitates up-to-the-second accounting of every order, every time.


Real-time order sync means real-time accounting. Orders in WooCommerce immediately link to QuickBooks Desktop, saving you time and eliminating entry errors. Keeping flawless books is the first step to business success. InfinitySync streamlines this process by taking out the middle man – you.

Inventory Management Done Right

Inventory Sync

InfinitySync links QuickBooks Desktop’s complete inventory management software to your WooCommerce store, allowing both platforms to communicate in real time. That means no more manually adjusting inventory across platforms or worrying about inventory discrepancies.


With InfinitySync you can trust the numbers. Our reliable WooCommerce to QuickBooks integration gives you the full confidence of knowing that you have the complete picture when it comes to inventory management.

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Connect Quickbooks Online with Woocommerce | InfinitySync

Understanding Customer Relationships

Customer Sync

InfinitySync not only connects your WooCommerce orders and inventory to QuickBooks, it automatically connects your customer information as well. Now you can easily identify, track and understand the purchasing habits of your retail and wholesale customers.


With knowledge comes power, and knowing your customers gives you the power to adjust pricing, offer incentives, make wholesale deals and increase sales across the board.

Custom Fields for Customized Accounting

Custom Fields

Not all WooCommerce QuickBooks plugins are created equal. InfinitySync takes a step above the rest with advanced custom fields that can be tailored to meet your business’ particular needs.


Customizable fields for shipping methods and tracking numbers help streamline fulfillment, and additional custom fields allow you to control wholesale pricing, terms and tax rates. You can even assign roles and designate sales reps. With InfintySync, you no longer have to settle for standard fields. (Available in Pro and Enterprise only)

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The Best of Both Worlds

Auto or Manual Sync

The days of wasting time manually entering data are over. InfinitySync automatically syncs your orders, inventory, customers, shipping and fulfillment in WooCommerce to your QuickBooks Desktop in real time. With the push feature, InfinitySync even allows you to manually integrate historical data without the fear of duplicates.


InfinitySync exists to save you time and money. We work hard so you don’t have to. Go run your business – we’ll take care of the rest.

What can InfinitySync do for you?

We’re crazy about our plugin and we’re confident you will be too. Test drive our plugin for free for 10 days and discover what makes InfinitySync the best decision you can make for your eCommerce business.